Tuesday, September 9, 2008

weird pics

Here are some different pics I recently found. They are sorta random, so bare with me here.

The two books

Okay people, I have pictures. I don't know if you have heard of them, but their pretty danged good. LOL.

Dangerous girls is one of them, I'me actually reading the sequel to it right now. I have it next to me. LOL.

And then the other is pretty liars. It's a pretty popular series. I know it looks all preppy on the front, but they are some hella scary books. I'me dead serious. It's about these four friends whos best friend dissapears. So they live peacfully for almost 2 years, until they all start getting text messages from someone named -A. And that was the ennitial of their best friends first name. But, their best friends body winds up decayed and dead and the person that is texting them sees every little thing they do. Sometimes it gets so scary I actually have to go into the living room. LOL

Hello again

Hello everybody. Sorry I haven't posted for a while, I've been busy with High School. I have read several books since I last posted, and I shall post pictures of them. I also bought a new book today called the Chronicles Of Vladamire Tod. It's pretty cool looking.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

I dont getz it

Just thought I would add a bit of humor there for you. Anyways, when I went to yahoo to ask a question, which was "Which do you think is better? Twilight or Harry Potter?" This girl named Ginny Weasley was all "Twilight will never live up to Harry Potter. Twilight is just a bunch of crap." I was all, oh no you didnt.

the fantastical trio

Okay, my bad. Time to buckle back down. Anyways, I discovered this picture on Hisgolden eyes this morning. Here it is. The terrible trio, LOL.

I thinks it's a pretty good picture of them. Except Rob does sort of look retarted, LOL. No offense Rob.

I think Taylor Lotner is hot!!! I mean, look at him. He's our shark boy. Actually, he was sort of harsh in that movie, wouldn't you say? I mean with the whole "dream, dream, dream" song? It's funny, he's got a temper in the movie just like in this one.


Hey guys. Sorry about any confusion that might have happened yesterday. I was really busy getting an email and stuff like that. And I am proud to say that I officially have one! Finally! LOL. But anyways...hold on, gotta go get dressed