Sunday, September 7, 2008

the fantastical trio

Okay, my bad. Time to buckle back down. Anyways, I discovered this picture on Hisgolden eyes this morning. Here it is. The terrible trio, LOL.

I thinks it's a pretty good picture of them. Except Rob does sort of look retarted, LOL. No offense Rob.

I think Taylor Lotner is hot!!! I mean, look at him. He's our shark boy. Actually, he was sort of harsh in that movie, wouldn't you say? I mean with the whole "dream, dream, dream" song? It's funny, he's got a temper in the movie just like in this one.


Angel said...

lol i used to love that movie! omg have u seen wat he has to wear in this movie!?!?!?! he has to wear a wig that goes down to like his hips no joke!!! im dead serious!!!

Max said...

ick... i saw that pic. srsly, a dude's hair should NOT be longer than a girls (and mine used to be longish)
but that movie was my fave!! just interesting?

yah, that rob guy looks... not edward. i don't imagine bella looking like kristen... but whatever.
the dude who plays jacob looks perfect for the role, but short-- toooooooo short sry