Friday, August 29, 2008

Maximum Ride lovey dovey

Maximum Ride, THEY ARE ALL MY BEST FRIENDS!!! I am dead serious. These books have such a way of connecting you to the characters. I love that aspect of the story. I have a huge crush on Fang, and I think all the Maximum Ride lovers do. But, there are some who go for the blind one we love, Iggy, instead. Like my sister Riley, she loves Iggy. I do to, but attraction wise, Fang would be my choice.

The Final Warning definately was not James Pattersons best work if I do say so myself. I just went too fast. Waaaaay too fast. And I was expecting alot of romance on the Fang and Max side, but we only saw one meesley stinckin scene. I mean come on, the man had the whole world waiting for their relationship to take means, and he just wastes the opportunity!!! I was very mad.

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